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Executive Committee

Voting members of the airline.
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EJ Davis
Chief Executive Officer
EJ is the co-owner of American Airlines Virtual and the spokesman for the airline. He has over a decade of experience in flight simulation, and is responsible for General Staff Management and external airline relationships. Member of Executive Staff
Brad Smith-Lynch
Chief of Operations
Chief of Operations at AA Virtual, Brad is responsible for the continued operation of AAVirtual.net, and the management of personnel within.

Brad is currently studying Engineering at college with the intentions of gaining employment in aerospace engineering.
James Butler
Vice President of Human Resources
Hello, my name is James, I am from Fort Lauderdale FL. by way of the Bahamas. I love flying with FSX, P3D and even X-Plane. I have a lot of experience of managing a VA. I was the HR Manager for Alaska Virtual and recently was the Director Of Western Operations. After all my hard work helping out AA and handling Alaska, I was asked to take over the VP of HR duties. I look forward to working with all the Admin staff, Chief Pilots and of course our pilots. As always, feel free to contact me for anything. My door is always open. Clear Skies and Soft Landings..
David Blake
Vice President of Events
My name is David Blake and I am the Vice-President of Events here at American Airlines Virtual. I am a volunteer firefighter in Australia and I hope to move into aviation firefighting. I also do online radio work with JetStream for the SmartCARS radio. I am an easy going person who is always around for a chat. I hope to bring some good events for this VA.
Michael O'Halloran
Vice President of Fleet and Routing
My name is Michael O'Halloran and i'm the Vice President of Fleet & Routing here at AA Virtual. I've been a Pilot with AA Virtual since 2013 and have accumulated almost 2000 hours. I will ensure that AA Virtual has an accurate and up to date routing database. If there is any information you think might be useful or you have any questions about our routes or fleet then please don't hesitate to contact me. Happy Flying!
Bradley Litchfield
Vice President of Training
I currently work for American Airlines in Nashville (KBNA). I work in operations, which is our central communications hub. My goal is to work my way up through the ranks of management. I'm also working on my private license. If there is anything I can help you with please dont hesitate to ask!
Daniel Faas
Vice President of Marketing
My name is Daniel Faas and I have been with AAvirtual since 2012 where I began as a pilot before rising to JFK Chief Pilot, Philly Chief Pilot and eventually to VP of Marketing. I have been in love with flight simming since my first copy of FS2002 when I was in middle school and have been hooked since. When I’m not flying I am likely spending time outdoors or traveling. If there is anything I can do to help any of you please let me know!
Amer Al-Lawand
Human Resources Manager
Bio coming soon!
Adam Skaffloth
Vice President of Information Technology
Adam has been a Private Pilot since 1991, grew up flying with his father who was an Air Force Pilot. Working with Identity Security has made me fly with real American Airlines over 4 Million Miles. Been an Avid Virtual Pilot Since first Simulator on Apple ][. Currently building a full scale Boeing 737 Cockpit when Money and Time permits.

Domicile Team

Regional Operations Directors
Staff Image Position Description Contact E-mail
Michael Becker
Director of Western Operations
I am a band director by day (and some nights/weekends) and a flight simulator by night! My focus and goal of the VA is to participate in as many events as possible since there are constantly events. The more you participate, the more you advertise our VA and the better it becomes! Don't forget to put "Flown for AAVirtual.net" in your remarks. If you have any questions, email me or find me on TeamSpeak.
Leale Jackson
Director of Eastern Operations
Bio coming soon!

Domestic Leaders

Localized Operational Management
Staff Image Position Description Contact E-mail
Davon Grant
Charlotte Chief Pilot
Bio coming soon!
Jonathan Lynch
John F. Kennedy Chief Pilot
Bio coming soon!
Akira Joseph
Miami Chief Pilot
I am a St. Lucian national living in Barbados. Photographer and aviation enthusiast. Married to my awesome wife and we have 1 dog.
Luca Morelli
Dallas/Fort Worth Chief Pilot
Bio coming soon!
Eric Bensinger
Los Angeles Chief Pilot
My name is Eric. A little background about myself is that I'm finishing up school, I work a part-time, and I'm getting hours for my PPL. In the flight sim world, I started with FSX but I have since moved to P3D. I am proficient in most planes AA flies. Feel free to shoot me an email to ask any questions.
Matt Whitaker
Chicago Chief Pilot
Hello there. I am Matt Whitaker, the Chief pilot for our Chicago Hub. I have been interested in aviation since I was 6 and made my first flight (that I could remember). Since then, I have been hooked. I grew up a Navy brat all over the U.S and after high school I joined the Air Force. During that time, I was stationed in Nebraska, Texas, South Carolina and Portugal with plenty of deployments throughout the world. After 8 years I left the Air Force and went back to school. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and then a Master of Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a focus on airport operations and safety. I have been flight simming since the age of 12 with some of the old ms-dos games. I've flown for multiple Virtual Airlines and have experience in everything from military fighters and cargo aircraft to small props to the 747 and thousands of hours on VATSIM. I currently reside in the Omaha, Nebraska area with my fiancé and my son. When I am not flight simming you can usually find me either coaching my son's little league team or at my camper along the Missouri River where I am either sitting around a fire or out fishing.
Igor Junior
Philadelphia Chief Pilot
Hi, my name is Igor J, I'm 18 years old, I live in Brazil. I am the Chief Pilot of the Philadelphia hub, I finished my studies in 2016. I am an aviation lover. I have a great desire to become a pilot. I'm here to help AAVirtual.net grow. Any problems, feel free to talk to me, good flights for everyone.
Daniel Olari
Phoenix Chief Pilot
Hello My Name is Daniel Olari! I am the Chief Pilot Of the beautiful airport Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. I have lived in Phoenix all my life and am very familiar with the valley. Arizona has always been an awesome state to fly in the real world. I am currently working on my Private Pilot Licence out of KSDL(Scottsdale Airport). I am 16 years young and hope to continue onto the airlines one day. Happy Flying!

General Level Staff

Multi-role staff
Staff Image Position Description Contact E-mail
Steven Allen
Event Staff
Bio coming soon!
Joe Motsi
Graphics Designer
Bio coming soon!
Christopher Woolbright
Event Staff
Bio coming soon!

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