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Executive Committee

Voting members of the airline.
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Chief Executive Officer
Ada is the founder of AAVirtual and current CEO.

Chief Operations Officer
Chief of Operations at AA Virtual, Brad is responsible for the continued operation of AAVirtual.net, and the management of personnel within.

Brad is currently studying Engineering at college with the intentions of gaining employment in aerospace engineering.

VP, Flight
A graduate of a major collegiate aviation program in Ohio, Chris is very familiar with the inner workings of a flight department and being a pilot (Commercial Multi/CFI & Aircraft Dispatch License). In the real world, he works in the Flight Department of the second largest fractional company in the world. In his spare time, you will see him on TeamSpeak or Discord flying the virtual skies. Chris is a previous Chief Pilot for AAvirtual for the Chicago Hub and a long time pilot of AAvirtual.

Human Resources Manager
Bio coming soon!

Domicile Team

Regional Operations Directors
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Domestic Leaders

Localized Operational Management
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Charlotte Chief Pilot
I am Christopher Maddox. I live in Greenville SC. I work for a fortune 100 company as a technical specialist in sales and service. Iím married and have a house full of pets but no kids. I am prior service Air Force and was stationed all over the US. I started my flight sim career in 2003 with good ole FS2004. Iíve since moved to P3d and you can find me in my CRJ900 or 737-800. I fly exclusively on VATSIM and you may even find me on a center frequency from time to time as a network I1. Iím currently working towards a PPL when work, travel and business isnít getting in my way. I fly a lot for business and pleasure and itís exclusively with RW AAL. I look forward to flying with you all out of CLT!

John F. Kennedy Chief Pilot
My name is Markell Bastian and I have been a member of AAv Since 2016. During my time here, I have climbed through the ranks and enjoyed the time of building my hours and meeting new people as the times goes by. I work for a major US airline in Airport Operations and have been apart of the aviation business since 2015. I am currently working on my PPL and have been in involved in the flight sim work since 2015. I enjoy hanging with friends, meeting new people, and absolutely love to laugh. Think of me as a people's person. I look forward to working with everyone!

Miami Chief Pilot

Dallas/Fort Worth Chief Pilot
Conner is the Chief Pilot for DFW and is currently studying GIST at Texas A&M University. Conner holds a private pilot's license with instrument rating, and is applying to join the Air National Guard as a pilot within the next year. He has been flight simming since 2006 with FSX and currently uses P3D V4. When he isn't flying in real life or flying in the sim Conner enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and sailing.

Los Angeles Chief Pilot
Hi Iím Branden. You can usually find me with my eyes pointed to the sky on the lookout for planes. When Iím not out looking for birds in the sky you can find me motoring around in my EMB145 or Boeing 737 sim. Iíve been apart of the simulation community since I was a kid and have always had an interest in aviation. I have my ATP license and single engine commercial license. I love helping people and giving advice so if you have any questions donít hesitate to ask.

Chicago Chief Pilot

Philadelphia Chief Pilot
Nate Shedlock has been an avid sim pilot since the days of FS4, 3.5 floppy disks, and monochrome CRTs. At age 14, Nate took his first 'real-world' flight in a Piper Cherokee out of KAVP and was hooked. At age 24, he achieved his Private Pilot`s Certificate in single-engine aircraft. Nate has always attributed his success in real-world flying to the realism offered through flight simulation and VATSIM, as well as an incredible real-world flight instructor that taught him how to fly the aircraft like creating a work of art while maintaining a working knowledge of the science. Nate currently resides about 45 minutes outside KPHL. In the real world, Nate is a certified Emergency Medical Technician with goals to achieve his Paramedic rating within the next two years. Nate has years of managerial experience, including training and empowering his employees to be the best they can be. He remains humbly grateful for the opportunity to be Philadelphia`s Chief Pilot and hopes he can serve his staff well. Nate maintains a `virtual open-door policy`, as he has with any managerial position he`s had. So feel free to contact him at any time with questions, or to find out more about making Philadelphia your home HUB.

Phoenix Chief Pilot

General Level Staff

Multi-role staff
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